Car Free Sunday and speed limit? Help to reduce Germany’s dependence on Putin

Germany is very dependent on Putin’s fossil energies. With simple means, it can be significantly reduced and the quality of life improve.

Do you want to support the points mentioned below? Then sign this petition now:

What you sign for

Some (regional) examples included



It is very easy to sign a German petition. Just follow the instruction (old example).

No German citizenship – no German passport – no problem!

I do not have German citizenship – I do not live in Germany. Can I sign the petition?

Yes, all people on this planet can participate, there is no age limit. You do not need an adress in Germany or a German passport.

Car free Sunday

Imagine: You walk the street and

  • there is no smell of exhaust fumes
  • almost no cars are driving
  • children are playing
  • people are moving freely

This is what a #CarFreeSunday could look like.

1973: Car free Sunday in Berlin

Speed limit

Germany is the only country in Europe without a speed limit.

Free public transport

Three months of free public transport for all people living in Germany

The page below is an art project. The government idea was to give a 9€ ticket which will cost much more than a free ride! Do we always have to go the German way?

Ban on domestic flights

Massively expand cycling infrastructure

PopUp Bikelanes, in the countryside and in the city. There is already a government program:

Furthermore, Germany has to put more efford on the topic. Nitrogen oxide levels in German cities are too high and violate European law:

In Full

Text of the petition

The Bundestag should adopt an immediate programme and get it underway without delay. The aim is to accelerate the mobility transition in order to make Germany more energy independent from Russia. The Bundestag should fulfil its obligation to ensure social stability through energy sovereignty and the protection of livelihoods. To this end, it is imperative to combine the concerns of security policy with socially just climate and environmental protection measures.


Why this emergency programme?

  1. Almost half of Russia’s income comes from the sale of fossil fuels. Germany is co-financing Putin’s war through oil imports from Russia: Last year Germany paid 12 billion for oil.
  2. The measures contribute quickly, mostly at low cost and effectively to reducing energy dependence on Russia by reducing fuel consumption (petrol, diesel, paraffin). This is also socially just because people with low incomes are particularly affected by the high energy prices.
  3. The climate and environmental protection effects of these measures additionally contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction of environmental destruction, analogous to the climate goals adopted by the Bundestag.

In summary: The safeguarding of social stability finds its application in an approach to action that is effective in two ways: Germany’s energy sovereignty and the protection of planetary life-support systems.

What measures does the Immediate Action Programme contain?

Immediately realisable, immediately effective

  • Speed limit (speed 100/80/30)
  • Three months of free public transport for all people living in Germany
  • Car-free Sundays
  • Ban on domestic flights
  • Pop-up bikelanes, in the countryside and in the city
  • Fuel price support for public mobility and precarious earners
  • Continuation of home office
  • Immediate programme for shared taxis in rural areas
  • Immediate abolition of plug-in subsidies
  • (short-term) shift of freight transport to the rails

Immediately get underway, effective in the medium term

  • Massively expand cycling infrastructure
  • Increase local and long-distance transport use to pre-Corona levels and beyond
  • Promote company cars only electric
  • Mobility premium for all instead of purchase premium for higher earners (promotion of e.g. e-bikes, public transport subscriptions, rail subscriptions, e-bikes).
  • Premium for light vehicles

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