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20. – 25. April – Onlineklimakonferenz der Lösungen

Herzliche Einladung zur internationalen Klimakonferenz (Online) vom 20 bis 25. April mit einem spannenden Programm. Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei.

Mehr: https://www.wedonthavetime.org

Fifty years ago 20 million people took to the streets for the sake of the environment. It was the world’s first Earth Day. This year, for the Earth Day 50th anniversary, millions will rise again… and this time change is inevitable.

Earth Day Week, April 20-25

‍Together with Earth Day Network and Exponential Roadmap we invite you to join us for Earth Day Week, April 20–25, 2020. We’ll be broadcasting live talks and other daily shows from Washington DC, Stockholm and with speakers, thinkers and doers from all over the world.

For the third consecutive year we bring you a public, free, online, no-fly climate conference. The program features the brightest minds to discuss solutions to the most daring challenge humanity has ever faced: the climate crisis.

We need climate action and an open dialogue. We need you and everyone to join in.

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